B Series

Vintage Allis Chalmers "B" Series Garden Tractors

Parts for the "B" series can be found below. Please call or email us with questions. We accept Visa & MasterCard for payment. Note: Freight charges will be added to all orders. We can give freight estimates if you supply us your address and zip code.
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Paint Chart

We get quite a few requests for the "B" Series yellow paint.We don't have it, but you can have it mixed locally. The information below is not official. Some of the people who have worked hard on restoring these tractors have come up with these numbers to help you out.

Color Group
Paint Numbers
# 1 yellow
Martin-Seynour 99L9876 Ditzler DAR3274
B-10's, Big Tens, B-12's
# 2 yellow
Omni Basecoat; a prophet version of John Deere Industrial Yellow MBC85392
119 White 56.6-------56.6
112 Gold 225.5------168.9
115 Yellow 427.2-----201.7
116 Yellow 554.2-----127.0
150 Basemaker 1011.0--456.8
B207's & 8's, & B 100's & 200 Series
# 3 yellow
Omni Basecoat; a prophet version of Monte Carlo Yellow MBC83460 (This is a 2 coat process!) (The first coat will be the yellow and it will be dull as primer, the second coat will be the clear coat and make it very shiny)
119 White 92.0-----92.0
114 Yellow 576.7--487.7
118 Black 582.0-----5.4
130 Orange 597.5--15.4
150 Basemaker 1195.0--597.5
Michael Wells' B-1

Dave Harrington's B-1

Pat Rarick's B-12
Ken Brown's B-10

Decal Sets

*We are referring all of our decal business to Vintage Reproductions at (262)-644-8553.

Greg Via's B-110
Keith Huffman's B-112


Shift lever grip for Early b-10's and up, black. - Allis Chalmers part #2026007
$2.38 each
Hunt-Wilde 1" white grip. Original style lift handle grip for B-1. Can be shortened for front crankshaft cover.
$2.50 each p/n 2026106
Early B Series Tool Box. Item # TB-1. Fits B-1 - B-12. 10 inches. Not in stock, made to order
$55.00 each
Later B Series Tool Box. Item # TB-2. 12 inches. Not in stock, made to order
$55.00 each
Dave Christensen's Big 10
Myron Whitcomb's early B-10
Chris Geise's 314H
Mark Wells' B 110